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Hermann Kranverleih puts the first Grove GMK5150L to work in southern Germany


  • The fixe-axle GMK5150L scores with its compact dimensions, cutting-edge technologies, increased operator comfort and high partial ballast.
  • As the strongest taxi crane in its class, the GMK5150L is suitable for a wide range of applications, and Hermann Kranverleigh’s unit has already successfully completed its first assignments.  

Hermann Kranverleih is the first company to operate a Grove GMK5150L in the southern German region, Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz). With a capacity of 150 t and a reach of 60 m, the five-axle crane is ideally suited for tower crane assembly and other applications where strength at height is required. This latest addition to Hermann Kranverleih’s fleet is equipped with an 18 m bi-fold swingaway jib, a heavy-duty jib and a second lifting winch that the company is using to place wall panels for building construction.

Hermann Kranverleih has already successfully used its new crane to complete its first assignments. In the emerging residential area of Marina Quartier in Regensburg, Bavaria, it helped dismantle a tower crane that had been used for the construction of new residential and commercial units. The crane’s compact footprint enabled it to fit onto the job site, as space was limited due to an adjacent transport road. Furthermore, the taxi ballast of 10.2 t helped save costs and time, as no additional equipment was needed to lift the heavy parts of the tower crane.

“The GMK5150L is the strongest taxi crane in its class,” said Manfred Hermann, managing director of Hermann Kranverleih. “With a partial ballast of 10.2 t, it fulfills all of our requirements for a high-capacity, compact crane that remains within German weight specifications and does not need any additional accessory cranes.”

Hermann and his team also highlighted the visibility and comfort features of the crane. The company said it was particularly impressed with its innovative "Bird-View" camera system that utilizes four cameras for a 270° view around the crane, enabling the driver to monitor the entire environment, including blind spots, while operating on the construction site and when driving. The company also pointed to features that support operator comfort, such as the crane’s new air-conditioning system with automatic temperature control and its ergonomically designed cab.

Hermann Kranverleih, based in Wackersdorf, Upper Palatinate, was founded in 1972 and has been managed by Manfred Hermann since 1990. With the new GMK5150L, its fleet now comprises 15 cranes, as well as eight heavy-duty trucks for transports across Europe.

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