Benefits of Financing

There are plenty of good reasons to select Manitowoc Finance.

Hold on to your cash

You can acquire the equipment you need with virtually no cash outlay. In most cases, all you need is a small down payment, or in the case of a lease, one payment in advance. 

Keep existing lines of credit open

Unlike traditional lending, Manitowoc Finance financial products don't affect your bank lines of credit. Your other capital resources remain intact for times when you need ready access to cash to subsidize growth or meet operational needs.

Be smart — be flexible

From flexible payment schedules to add-on equipment requirements during the life of the equipment, our financial solutions are variable enough to adapt to just about any business situation. 

Get the technological edge

Using the latest equipment technology can give you a decided edge in job site efficiencies, but today's equipment can look obsolete when compared to tomorrow's technology. Why settle for yesterday's level of efficiency? Working through Manitowoc Finance lets you upgrade to new and better equipment anytime during or at the end of the equipment contract term. 

Enjoy tax benefits

Depending on the type of finance product you select, your payments may be treated as a fully deductible operating expense or you may depreciate the equipment. For a business needing to shelter income, this can be a huge benefit.

Go with the flow — cash flow!

Our flexible financing options let you schedule your payments to fit fluctuations in cash flow. For businesses tied to seasonal fluctuations, your equipment agreement can be structured to provide seasonal payments when you have income. And, for construction situations that have fluctuating revenue streams, lower monthly payments when revenue drops, and higher payments when your business is at its peak combined with skip payments during those really slow months, may be the best use of cash reserves. Manitowoc Finance can match cash flow to fit your income streams whether annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly. 

Flexible end-of-term leasing options

We structure all of our products to put you in control. At the end of your agreement, you may choose to continue to lease the same crane equipment, lease new Manitowoc equipment or return the equipment. It's up to you. You make the choice. 

You can finance just about any piece of Manitowoc or Manitowoc-related equipment

Just about any piece of Manitowoc equipment that produces income or saves time and labor can be financed, including crawler cranes, mobile hydraulic cranes, tower cranes and boom trucks. 

The best reason of all to use Manitowoc Finance…it's quick and easy!

In most cases, just one phone call is all it takes to get the process started. Depending on the transaction size, credit approval can take place in the same day, and if you have an existing line of credit, it's even faster. 1-866-355-5438

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