Lease vs Buy

Which is right for your business, a flexible financing structure or outright purchase? The right option for you depends on a number of questions and considerations revolving around your business, equipment needs and budget requirements.

For example, what will happen to the equipment’s value? Will it appreciate or depreciate over time? What will the value be at the end of the economic lifecycle? Will the crane technology you purchase today remain functional or become obsolete before the end of its useful life? Will the crane you need now satisfy your capacity and worksite requirements 2 years in the future? What about 4 or 6 years in the future? Can your capital or credit line be better used to leverage your financial returns? Which option provides the best tax advantage to you now and in the future?

If it’s equipment that will increase in value and can be acquired without impacting your capital, consider buying it. But, most equipment needs are not so easily met, so that’s where Manitowoc Finance can help.

Manitowoc Finance's team of construction financing professionals offer proven industry experience wrapped around the highest level of service quality.  This deep commitment to our customers is the reason why we've been so successful providing flexible financial solutions to the construction industry.  Our knowledgeable industry specialists are ready to provide you with the products and services you need to meet your business goals and keep you competitive.

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