MLC100-1 (NEW)

The MLC100-1 is a competitive offering from Manitowoc in the 100 mt (110 USt) crawler crane market. Featuring self-assembly capabilities and button style wire rope terminations allow for quick and easy assembly. Additionally, new wide body cab and improved accessibility increase operator comfort and ease of maintenance.

MLC100-1 Flyer (2.7 MB)
Fixed Jib on Main Boom
18,3 m
(60 ft)
Luffing Jib on Main Boom
Main Boom Length
61 m
(200 ft)
Maximum Capacity
100 t
(110 USt)
  • Self-assembly system allows for full assembly without outside assist
  • Wide Body Cab increases operator legroom by 10%
  • Utilizes CCS (Crane Control System) allowing interchangeability of components and familiarity with controls
  • Self-contained engine, cooler, intake and aftertreatment system
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