MLC100-1 (NEW)

The MLC100-1 is a competitive offering from Manitowoc in the 100 mt (110 USt) crawler crane market. Featuring self-assembly capabilities and button style wire rope terminations allow for quick and easy assembly. Additionally, new wide body cab and improved accessibility increase operator comfort and ease of maintenance.
Maximum Capacity
100 t
(110 USt)
Fixed Jib on Main Boom
18,3 m
(60 ft)
Luffing Jib on Main Boom
Main Boom Length
61 m
(200 ft)
  • Self-assembly system allows for full assembly without outside assist
  • Wide Body Cab increases operator legroom by 10%
  • Utilizes CCS (Crane Control System) allowing interchangeability of components and familiarity with controls
  • Self-contained engine, cooler, intake and aftertreatment system
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