Manitowoc’s new Model MLC300 utilizes Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) proprietary technology to “actively” engage all counterweight and eliminate the need for “passive” carbody weights. The design results in a dramatically reduced transport configuration and better center of gravity for reduced ground bearing pressures. The Model MLC300 is available in VPC and VPC-MAX configurations for additional capacity.

Fixed Jib on Main Boom
42 m
(137.8 ft)
Luffing Jib on Main Boom
96 m
(315 ft)
Main Boom Length
101 m
(334.6 ft)
Maximum Capacity
350 t
(386 USt)
  • Strongest load charts in its class
  • Travel, swing and counter rotate with full rated capacity
  • Upperworks and carbody shipped deck (reduced set up time)
  • Raise full boom and luffing jib combinations without assist (no outriggers)
  • Self-erect mast cylinder (reduced setup time)
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