About National Crane

Starting as a small family business in 1945, National Crane has come to symbolize the gold standard of durable boom trucks. The company has led the market in its field for decades, and an estimated 90 percent of all National Crane products sold since 1963 are still in operation today. This is a particularly impressive record, considering well over 30,000 National Crane units have been delivered.

National Crane currently produces 12 series of boom trucks, ranging in capacity from 7,25 t (8 USt) to 36 t (40 USt). It also produces pedestal-mounted versions of its cranes for use in industrial applications, as well as a range of accessories such as personnel baskets, pallet forks and clamshell buckets.

Its products are usually subject to demanding work routines, being required to lift several times a day, every day. With such intensive work schedules, reliability, durability and ease of operation are key factors. National Cranes has all three – in abundance.

Although North America remains the single biggest market for National Crane, the company’s products are also popular in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

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