The 20 USt (18.1 t) Series 600H is equipped with two sets of “H”-style outrigger for full-span, mid-span and fully-retracted lifting applications. The crane can be configured as a standard, rear mount or tractor mount and is available in 38 ft, 49 ft, 60 ft, 71 ft, 80 ft and 90 ft boom lengths.
Maximum Capacity
18,1 t
(20 USt)
Main Boom Length
27.4 m
(90 ft)
Maximum Tip Height
30.2 m
(99 ft)
  • Three- and four-section booms
  • Internal anti-two-block
  • Mentor LMI system
  • Easy Glide wear pads
  • Proportional boom extension
  • High performance planetary winch
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