Potain Equipment

A complete range of equipment: more of safety and productivity!

Potain Cab-IN Photo

Potain Cab-IN, the new Potain cranes operator lift

The ergonomics of the new driving cab reduces operator fatigue and thus helps improve security and productivity on sites
Hoisting winch available in four versions

Suitable for GME cranes with or without CCS

Offers a user-friendly interface, full graphic display, ergonomic controls, a jog dial for easier navigation and data input, and parts commonality across Grove, Manitowoc and Potain product lines enhancing operator familiarization and serviceability.
Potain K masts

Efficient and possessing great rigidity due to liaisons by shafts: a reliable and easy solution, the masts are equipped with sloping accesses for greater safety and comfort.


Limitation of zone and control over interference, it is a real driving aid that helps the operator and contributes to greater security over the whole site.


Rapid, precise reading of the indicators on the graphics screen, a guarantee of security on the site and comfort for the crane-driver.


Optima, an exclusive Potain feature, means optimization of the speed to suit the load with a frequency converter.


An exclusive Potain patent that is ergonomic, which makes it possible to fit and extract shafts safely, easily and noiselessly.


A powerful, intelligent control post for maneuvers that are simpler and safer: it is guaranteed efficiency


An essential item on all sites, it makes it possible to measure and display the wind velocity and to activate various alarm levels for security on sites.

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