75 HPL™ winch


Suitable for GME cranes with or without CCS

Hoisting winch available in four versions

  • 75 HPL™ 25: maximum load 10 t
  • 75 HPL™ 30: maximum load 12 t
  • 75 HPL™ 35: maximum load 14 t
  • 75 HPL™ 40: maximum load 16 t

Increased productivity

  • Increased hoisting speeds for quick load handling and shorter hoisting cycles
  • Greater speed range for working in four-fall configuration with a high level of productivity

Optimal operation 

  • Smooth and precise operation thanks to new service brake controls
  • Increased hoist control due to improved reaction of the winch in the brake delay phase

New control panel

  • Two-door IP54 control panel
  • Reinforced anti-corrosion treatment and stainless steel accessories

New winch architecture 

  • Easy-to-access components
  • Larger platforms and secure access points when the crane is in service

Reduced maintenance 

  • Temperature monitoring of the motor and reduction gear helps to increase service life. Temperatures displayed on the CCS screen inside the cab.
  • Optimized motor cooling with automatically activated ventilation above 80 °C

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