Frequency inverter

The control by frequency converter is adapted to the control of the hoisting movement for 1 to 55 kW power. With Optima, the hoisting speed is optimized depending on the load. For each load level, the computer authorizes the highest possible speed (hoisting or lowering), thus improving the productivity.
  • Gain in productivity up to 70 percent
  • Integrated electronics and correctly adapted motor with control of overspeed and control/speed coherence
  • Product perfectly adapted to the hoisting movement and to the site environment (EMC temperature, etc.)
  • Maintenance made easier by the Man / Machine dialogue carried out by screen and keyboard
The control by frequency converter is also adapted to the jib slewing movement. The radius can be up to 100 m.

  • Progressive slewing for the productivity (stable speed, correct stopping angle)
  • Control of mast torsion and jib swinging
  • Possible control over several motors
  • Diagnosis aid by screen and keyboard
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