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Easily find or sell used crane equipment. We have a variety of used cranes and brands in our inventory. Manitowoc used cranes feature exceptional aftermarket and financing support. You can count on 24/7 technical support with Manitowoc Crane Care while Manitowoc Finance provides flexible pricing to assist with purchases.

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Rough Terrain
Year: 2012Capacity: 90 UStCapacity: 80 t

One (1) Used 2012 Grove RT890E, S/N: 232213, 90 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane, Equipped With 38'-142' Full Power Main Boom; 5 Sheave Boom Nose; Aux Single Sheave Boom Nose; 33'-56' Offsettable Swingaway; Main and Aux Hoist with ¾” Wire Rope; Electronic Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator; Hoist Drum Cable Follower; 22,000 Lbs Cwt Hydraulically Installed & Removed; PAT Graphic Display LMI w/ Light Bar In Operator's Cab; A2B; Cummins QSB 6.7L Tier IV Diesel Engine; AC; Hydraulically Tiltable Operator’s Cab; 360o NYC Style Positive Swing Lock; 3 Position Outriggers; Outrigger Position Monitoring System; Full Length Decking; 29.5 x 25 - 34 Bias Ply Tires; Superstructure Mounted Amber Flashing Light; Dual Base Boom Mounted Floodlights; 90 Ton Five Sheave Hookblock; 12 Ton Top-Swivel Overhaul Ball; Standard Paint: Grove Yellow and Gray; Approximate Hours: 3,394 Hours. Call Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323 or Brian O'Connell at (617) 592 - 7631.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Manitowoc 160002,975,000 USD
Lattice Boom Crawlers
Year: 2013Capacity: 440 UStCapacity: 400 t

One (1) Used 2013 Manitowoc 16000, S/N: 1600-1177, 440 Ton Capacity Lattice Boom Crawler Crane With One (1) Used 2012 Manitowoc 16000 No. 58 Wind Attachment, S/N: 1600-7042 With 262 Ft (80 m) of Boom Including: 26.2 Ft (8 m) Boom Butt, 39.4 Ft (12 m) No. 58 Boom Insert w/ Sheaves, 16.4 Ft (5 m) Transition Insert, four (4) 39.4 Ft (12 m) No. 58WA Main Boom Inserts, 19.7 (6 m) No. 58WA Main Boom Insert, 3.2 Ft (1 m) Boom Cap; 143.2 USt Detachable Extended Upper Boom Point25 Ft Long with (4) 30 In Diameter Tapered Roller Bearing Sheaves; Liftcrane Load Line; Liftcrane Whip Line; Self Erect Option; Cummins QSX-15-C500 Tier 4i/3b Diesel Engine; Wind Anemometer; 60 Inch Crawler Treads; Maxer Prep; 200 Ton 5-Sheave Hookblock; 45 Ton Assembly Block; 20 Ton Ball; Series 3 Counterweight: 452,000 Lbs (Crane); Two (2) 18,000 Lb Counterweight Boxes (WA); Intermediate Suspension; Approximate Hours: 4,436 Hours. One (1) Used 2013 Manitowoc 16000 Boom Raising System (BRS) Kit, S/N: 1600-8007, Equipped With 9.8 Ft (3 m) Insert with Dual Stage Hydraulic Cylinder; Auxiliary Counterweight Tray & 41,300 Lbs Counterweight; Load Sensing Boom Strap Pins (2); Cylinder Support Pad; Hydraulic Pumping. Call Joe Vergoni at (508) 326 – 6073 or Dave Hawboldt at (902) 237 – 4544.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Truck Mounted
Year: 2005Capacity: 0

One (1) Used 2005 Grove TMS540E, S/N: 224121, 40 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Truck Crane, Equipped With 29’ – 95’ 4-Section Full Power Main Boom; Load Moment Indicator; Anti-Two-Block System; Main Hoist with 5/8” Wire Rope; 8,460 Lb. “Heavy Lift” Counterweight Package; Air Conditioning in Carrier Cab; 6X4X2 Drive; Inter-Axle Lock on Rear Axle; Power Mirrors; Cummins ISC330 Diesel Engine; Racor Fuel Heater; Cribbing Box; Wheel Chocks; Auxiliary Lighting Package; Flashing Light Package; 40 Ton 3-Sheave Hookblock; Single Sheave Hookblock; 7.5 Ton Top Swivel Headache Ball; Approximate Miles: 148,899 Miles; Approximate Hours: 4,879 Hours. Call Joe Vergoni at (508) 326 – 6073 or Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Stand Up
Year: 2008Capacity: 33 USt

One (1) Used 2008 National 13110H, S/N: 294941, 30 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Crane - Crane Specs - 33’ to 110’ Four Section Main Boom; Load Moment Indicator & Anti-Two-Block System; Easy Reach Pilot Operated Single Axis Controllers; Control System Equipped with Hour Meter; Horn and Engine Start / Stop Switch; Electronic Engine Throttle; 410 Degree Non-Continuous Rotation; Adjustable Swing Speed; Direct Mount Triple Pump Hydraulics; 107 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir w/ Suction Gate Valve; Planetary “Burst of Speed” Winch; Winch Drum Rotation Indicator; 9/16” Rotation Resistant Wire Rope; 12 Ton Overhaul Ball; Front Out & Down Cross Frame Outriggers with 20’ Span; Outriggers Can Be Retracted & Locked at 14’ Mid-Span; Rear & Out Down Stabilizers; Single Front Stabilizer (SFO); 22’ Steel Deck; 22’ Torsion Box; Bolt On Mounting Hardware; Back Up Alarm; Parallel Boom Rest; Hot Shift PTO; Drive Line Kit; Hydraulic Oil Cooler - Truck Specs- 2009 Sterling LT9513; VIN# 2FZHAZCV09AAE8984; Mercedes Benz OM460LA MBE-4000 410 hp Engine; Allison 4000 RDS Transmission; Blocking Racks; Tool Boxes; 20,000 lb Front Axle Weight Rating; 46,000 lb Rear Axle Weight Rating; No Bulk Head; Approximate Miles: 16,415 Miles (12/23/16) ; Approximate Hours: 2,106 Hours (12/23/16). Call Ben Siemen at (617) 416 – 7337 or Joe Vergoni at (508) 326 – 6073.

Shawmut Equipment Company, South Easton, Massachusetts, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

All Terrain
Year: 2008Capacity: 275 UStCapacity: 220 t

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc., Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe