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Manitowoc focuses on easy assembly for Potain city crane

2/10/2011 Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States

The newest Potain tower crane from Manitowoc’s Asian manufacturing facilities, the MC 125, combines cost-effective lifting with industry-leading performance. 

Manitowoc’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China and Pune, India are building the crane. It is ideal for a variety of city center and general building projects.

Raymond Tang, regional product manager for Potain tower cranes, said the MC 125 offers improved setup and installation.

“Customers can get the MC 125 ready to work in a day,” he said. “We’ve designed it so it’s very easy to assemble. There are a number of innovations that make the crane quick and easy to erect, with only lightweight handling required. Assembling tower cranes in city centers can often be subject to restrictions, so we have concentrated on making this as simple as possible for our customers.”

Crane assembly is improved by several design innovations including a single-tie jib which can be assembled at ground level and lifted in a single piece. The 1.6 m x 1.6 m mast sections are pin-connected for safe and quick erection while other components are designed for lightweight handling or removal.

Maximum jib length on the MC 125 is 60 m, or 5 m longer than the MC 115 B, its predecessor. In standard form, the crane has a choice of five possible jib lengths, including the 60 m maximum. The others are 30 m, 40 m, 50 m and 55 m. It also has a maximum free-standing height of 44 m but can reach much higher by telescoping and tying off to structures. The crane’s maximum capacity is 6 t while at the 60 m jib end, it can lift 1.15 t.

The crane’s lifting technology includes a double trolley allowing it to lift 3 t when working with a single trolley or 6 t when working with both. Two versions of Potain’s established 24 kW 33PC15 hoist are available with the crane.

When working with a 480 V power supply, the 33PC15(GH), which has 400 m of rope available for high-rise building work, can offer lift speeds of up to 96 m/min when carrying 1.5 t on the hook. The regular 33PC15, which has 260 m of wire rope available, can reach 90 m/min when working with the same load.

As with all Asia-made Potain cranes, the MC 125 is designed and manufactured in accordance with European FEM standards. This ensures consistency and quality across the Potain range. Ladders, platforms and handrails are positioned strategically throughout the crane to ensure optimal access for both operators and maintenance personnel. Greater safety and control is available to the operator with the inclusion of load moment warning devices and limit switches on all mechanisms. The limit switches decelerate all movements before cutting them altogether.

For easier maintenance on the MC 125, the cab has been located on the same side as the trolley platform. There are platforms and catwalks leading to all the crane’s mechanisms and a derrick is supplied as standard to help with maintenance duties.
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