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New Grove GMK six-axle cranes on display at CONEXPO 2011

3/22/2011 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Manitowoc Cranes featured its new Grove six-axle all-terrain cranes at CONEXPO 2011 – the GMK6300L and GMK6400.

Doyle Bryant, director of product marketing at Manitowoc in the Americas, said introducing two new six-axle cranes close together was part of a specific product development strategy. Both cranes were developed with strong input from customers.

“Our philosophy is to focus on applications and offer the right crane for the job,” he said. “We developed two six-axle cranes instead of a single model because our customers cover a wide range of applications in this class. Our belief is that it’s better to offer two cranes suited to different sets of applications, rather than one crane that appears to cover all duties, but actually falls short.”

Although targeting different applications, the new six-axle cranes have common features. Both have a new carrier cab that offers more space and greater visibility. The cab is similar to the cab on Grove’s four- and five-axle cranes. However, this cab has wider dimensions to suit its larger carrier. Both cranes also have five outrigger settings for maximum job site positioning flexibility.

Grove GMK6300L
The Grove GMK6300L is the first of the new six-axle cranes and is appearing at a U.S. trade show for the first time following its launch last year. Several cranes are now working in the field, in Europe, the U.S., Oceania and Asia.

The GMK6300L is a 350 USt capacity crane that is ideal as a general rental crane. It is easy to move and fast to set up. One of its most striking features is its 262 ft main boom, which makes it a perfect option for jobs such as lifting materials onto tall buildings, erecting tower cranes or stack work.

Neil Hollingshead, global product director for all-terrain cranes at Manitowoc, said customers will also notice many other benefits aside from the crane’s long boom.

“We think customers will see the thought and development that makes the GMK6300L such a complete package,” he said. “It’s a powerful lifter across its entire load chart, while optimal axle spacing, simplified counterweight set up, a 121 ft hydraulic luffing jib and a self-rigging auxiliary hoist bring innovation and efficiency to many areas of this crane. There is so much more to this crane than just the long boom.”

The GMK6300L has axle spacing of over 8 ft both between the first pair and the second pair meaning it is well-designed for roading in the U.S. Counterweight slabs are easy to handle and weigh less than 10 USt. The auxiliary hoist is self-rigging, eliminating the need for and assist crane.

Grove GMK6400
The GMK6400 features a 450 USt maximum capacity and is the strongest all-terrain crane on six axles. The heavy-duty crane boasts a number of design features that deliver its excellent lifting capabilities, including a Mega Wing Lift capacity-enhancing attachment. It is perfect for a variety of heavy-lift activity, especially in power generation facilities or on infrastructure projects.

Bryant said the Mega Wing Lift attachment is a major contribution to strength.

“The most significant innovation on the GMK6400 is the Mega Wing Lift,” he said. “But there are other innovations, including the use of a single engine and the MegaDrive hybrid drive system.”

Mega Wing Lift offers better lift duties by providing extra support to the boom. It also has a patented self-rigging system. By using only one engine, the GMK6400 is able to offer better fuel savings than cranes of this capacity class made with two engines. And its MegaDrive system gives better traction when moving at slow speeds and also offers a weight saving of nearly 900 lb that is then better positioned elsewhere in the crane.

Grove GMK6300L
Non-U.S. U.S.
Maximum capacity 300 t 350 USt
Maximum main boom 80 m 262 ft
Maximum tip height 120 m 394 ft

Grove GMK6400
Non-U.S. U.S.
Maximum capacity 400 t 450 USt
Maximum main boom 60 m 197 ft
Maximum tip height 136 m 446 ft

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