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New rental company in Poland adds GTK1100 to fleet

9/5/2011 Gdynia, Poland

Viatron, a new rental company in Gdynia, Poland, recently purchased a Grove GTK1100 for projects across Poland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The crane has already completed its first jobs, including the refurbishment of an offshore drilling platform in Gdańsk. 

Igor Pawela, CEO of Viatron, said he believes the unique design of the GTK1100 offers a significant competitive advantage in the market.

“The GTK1100 is one of the most innovative cranes I’ve seen in years,” he said. “We studied this crane for several months in a wide range of industries and applications. Our customers are in energy and industrial markets, and they need innovative solutions for their refurbishment and new-build projects. The GTK1100 is an ideal solution.”

The first project for Viatron’s GTK1100 showcased the crane’s unique capabilities to solve a number of engineering challenges. The job at the WilPhoenix offshore drilling rig required placing several sophisticated components during a substantial upgrade at the Remontowa Shipyard.

To place the components, the crane had to lift from inside a dry dock with limited space. Viatron partially rigged the GTK1100 with its outriggers and telescopic mast at ground level. In this partially-assembled configuration, the crane was then lowered into the dry dock using one of the 1,000 t capacity gantry cranes at the shipyard. This whole process was completed in just 12 hours.

The GTK1100 lifted various components including control equipment modules and the drill control mechanism. The components were lifted to heights of 116 m and the heaviest weighed 10 t, with lifts taking place at radii up to 52 m. Viatron put a staff of seven on the nine-day project.

WilPhoenix is one of two semi-submersible vessels belonging to Awilco Drilling and is equipped for drilling in water at depths of over 360 m. Its complete refurbishment will be finished later this year.
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