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Urban tower crane lift ability displayed at CONEXPO

1/24/2011 Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States

Manitowoc will display the MCT 88, the largest of Potain’s MCT topless crane line, at the company’s display at the company’s CONEXPO booth (Gold Lot, #430). Featuring the distinctive topless design and streamlined counterjib, the MCT 88 is a modern tower crane solution for urban job sites.

Bruce Peterson, director of tower crane sales in North America for Manitowoc, said the cranes offers good flexibility to suit individual job sites.

“The design of the MCT 88 means it is a fast and simple choice for medium sized buildings in downtown locations,” he said. “Customers can easily configure the crane to fit their job site and there are a number of options and innovations that make the crane a productive solution.”

The crane is available in two versions:

• A 3.3 USt maximum capacity model, which is offered with a SM hook block for two-parts of line with optimized tip capacities.
• A 5.5 USt maximum capacity model, which can be ordered with a two-trolley hook block for four-part line applications.

The MCT 88 can be erected with a jib ranging from 66 ft to 171 ft depending on the needs of the jobsite.

One of the most important design focuses for Potain’s City Topless range is the ability to rig the cranes quickly and easily. Often in downtown locations there are restrictions on when and how long heavy equipment can be used. Because Potain MCT cranes are so quick and easy to erect, it means the mobile crane needed to assemble it is required for less time, bringing savings to contractors and minimizing the logistics of moving equipment in restricted areas.

A choice of mast sections is offered for the MCT 88. The crane can be mounted on either standard 3.9 ft mast sections or transition to larger 5.2 ft K masts depending on application and configuration. All the masts have aluminum ladders with back loops for safer access for operators and technicians. The K masts also have rest platforms every 16 ft.

For the K masts, customers can choose from either 16 ft or 32 ft lengths. These masts are well liked by customers because their design offers instant visual inspection and requires minimal maintenance. In addition to standard masts, the MCT 88 can also be rigged with a telescoping cage, which lets it climb as necessary. The maximum free standing height for the crane is 179 ft.

Once the mast is assembled, the MCT needs only two lifts to assemble the upperworks. The counterjib and turntable is one section, and the jib is the other. The topless crane has no cathead rigging.

Counter-jib ballast blocks are the same on all models in the MCT range, offering better commonality for fleet owners. There are 3.3 USt and 1.1 USt blocks, which can be combined in different configurations depending on the required jib length.

In terms of usage, maximum efficiency is assured through the use of frequency-controlled movements for all hoisting, trolleying and slewing operations. For hoisting, a choice of the 15 LVF 13 Optima, with a 15 hp rating, or the more powerful 25 LVF 13 Optima, with a 25 hp rating, are available. For slewing, the RVF 61 Optima + mechanism is included.

A notable feature of MCT cranes is their ability to work via remote control. Having this size crane function on remote control means that job sites do not need an operator in the cab the whole day. Instead, a trained worker at ground level can operate the crane as needed. For those customers preferring a cab, this is available as an option.

Other cranes in the MCT line from Manitowoc are: MCT 50, MCT 58, MCT 68 and MCT 78.

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