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Manitowoc unveils “Lift Solutions” for custom jobs and cranes


Every project is different. Some lifts require specialized planning or a customized crane. To guide customers through the myriad of jobsite scenarios, Manitowoc has created “Lift Solutions” for lattice boom crawler cranes.

Lift Solutions is a service from Manitowoc that quotes, engineers and produces cranes or attachments for unique applications that require lattice boom crawler cranes. It utilizes the expertise of Manitowoc’s Engineering, Purchasing, Operations and Sales groups – with representatives from each of these divisions that now comprise a dedicated team to help customers overcome challenging lifts or job scenarios.

Allen Kadow, who has been with Manitowoc Cranes for 12 years in various sales and marketing positions, will manage the new Lift Solutions team. Kadow says that the Lift Solutions service is another way that Manitowoc will provide superior customer support for lattice boom crawler cranes.

“Here at Manitowoc, we don’t believe the job is finished when customers purchase or rent one of our cranes,” he said. “With Lift Solutions, we can provide customized technical support to assist customers through challenging lifts or projects.”

Take the case of Heerema Group, an industry-leading producer of complex offshore oil and gas structures. Heerema Group is organized into two divisions - Heerema Marine Corporation excels in transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities, and Heerema Fabrication Group specializes in the engineering and fabrication of complex offshore structures. When the Luxembourg-based company needed to replace its 10-year old Manitowoc 2250 crawler crane, it came to Manitowoc for a new customized crawler to sit on one of its vessels that supports two large pedestal cranes.

As part of the delivery of the replacement Manitowoc 2250, the Lift Solutions team performed a variety of customizations for Heerema, including:

- Elevating the 52 in. wide operator’s cab to an eye level of
18 ft

- Establishing an auxiliary electronic control system to serve as backup for crane and computer controls

- Installing an auxiliary hydraulic system to control the main hoist, whip hoist, swing and personnel handling winch in case of engine failure

- Creating a lifting arrangement and slings designed to lift a complete crane with 210 ft of boom and 80 ft of fixed jib

- Installing a detachable upper boom point with a second sheeve and personnel handling winch

An engineer with Heerema raved about the company’s experience working with Lift Solutions.

“Manitowoc Lift Solutions optimized our new 2250 with the special features we need to do our job faster and more efficiently,” the engineer said. “The Lift Solutions team had everything down to a simple process, making it quick, easy and cost-effective to create the best equipment for installing oil and gas structures.”

Lift Solutions services include:

- Customization of existing product
- New application
- Custom load charts
- Special lift planning procedures
- Accident investigation support
- Special approval letters for special lifts, customer supplied attachments, travel and operation in above average wind conditions

Says Kadow: “With Lift Solutions, we will be able to provide custom cranes and planning with an enhanced level of support, which customers have come to expect from an industry leader like Manitowoc.” 

About The Manitowoc Company, Inc.
The Manitowoc Company, Inc. (“Manitowoc”) was founded in 1902 and has over a 117-year tradition of providing high-quality products and support services that are tailored to customers’ needs. Its 2019 net sales were approximately $1.83 billion. Manitowoc is one of the world's leading providers of engineered lifting solutions. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Manitowoc designs, manufactures, markets and supports comprehensive product lines of mobile telescopic cranes, tower cranes, lattice-boom crawler cranes, boom trucks and industrial cranes under the Grove, Potain, Manitowoc, National Crane, Shuttlelift and Manitowoc Crane Care brand names.
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