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Odebrecht purchases 13 cranes at M&T Expo 2012

6/1/2012 São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil-based construction and engineering company Odebrecht has purchased 13 cranes from Manitowoc. The deal signed at M&T Expo 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, included five Grove YardBoss YB4400 series industrial cranes, two RT890E and two RT540E rough-terrain cranes, two Manitowoc 16000 and two 999 crawler cranes.

Paulo Oscar, equipment trading superintendent for Odebrecht, said the key drivers for buying Manitowoc cranes are their top-notch quality as well as the support provided by Manitowoc Crane Care and its local dealer.

“With a number of different job sites worldwide, it is important to select a company with a wide product portfolio that is able to provide local support, which Manitowoc is able to do,” he said. “And what a great way to make such a large purchase at M&T Expo 2012 – from a company that has recently shown its dedication to our region by opening up a factory here in Brazil.”

Among the thirteen cranes purchased are five Grove YardBoss YB4400 series industrial cranes. The company will send four of them to Angola to join ongoing work at Cambambe, a hydroelectric plant.

Grove YardBoss cranes are ideal for work on hydroelectric plant projects. Their compact footprints and multi-mode steering allow for operation in tight quarters. Ranging in capacity from 8.5 t to 10.5 t, YardBoss 4400 series industrial cranes offer great lifting power from highly-maneuverable machines.

Odebrecht will send the fifth YardBoss and the four Grove rough-terrain cranes it purchased – two 90 t capacity RT890Es and two 40 t capacity RT540Es – to Venezuela to work on the Nigale Bridge project, which is expected to begin in late 2012.

Grove rough-terrain cranes are some of the most versatile cranes on the market. Featuring Cummins diesel engines, the cranes easily handle the most rugged jobsites. With just a 2.55 m chassis, the RT540E is readily transportable among jobs. The RT890E features a Megaform boom design that offers greater rigidity, allowing heavier loads to be lifted.

Also headed to Venezuela are the four crawler cranes Odebrecht purchased: two 400 t capacity Manitowoc 16000s and two 250 t capacity Manitowoc 999s. Along with their extraordinary lifting capabilities, the cranes feature EPIC control systems, which use CAN-bus technology to offer smooth and precise control. With EPIC, the cranes can boom, hoist and swing at the same time – something that most other crawler cranes can’t offer.

Odebrecht recently purchased a number of other cranes for its fleet: one Manitowoc 999 crawler crane that is now heading to Peru, five RT890E rough-terrain cranes for a refinery construction jobsite in Brazil and one RT765 rough-terrain crane that is currently working in Africa.
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