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First Potain Igo 50 for rent in the Philippines as appeal widens


Manitowoc’s office in the Philippines has added a Potain Igo 50 to its rental fleet as interest in self-erecting cranes continues to grow in the country. For decades, self-erecting cranes have been popular in Europe and North America for short-term jobs typically lasting six months or so. Their working height, capacity, flexible configuration and easy transportation make them perfect for applications such as house-building or other low-to-medium height projects. 

In the Philippines, customers have often preferred lower capacity tower cranes for these projects, largely because of a lack of awareness of the benefits of self-erecting cranes, in addition to the general shortage of the machines in the country. But interest is picking up, as contractors understand more about the cost, speed and efficiency savings these cranes can offer. 

Long R. Naaman, Jr., sales manager, Manitowoc Cranes – Philippines, said customers in the country particularly liked how straightforward the cranes were to set-up on site and the easier transportation they offered when compared with alternatives. 

“The appeal of self-erecting cranes like the Igo 50 lies in their fast and easy erection capabilities, without the need for large foundation works or a chassis, which are required for standard tower cranes,” he said. “In places where roads tend to be narrower, their compact nature solves many transport difficulties that might be associated with larger cranes, and their swift set-up and fold down capabilities means they are straightforward to move between projects.” 

The Igo 50 joining Manitowoc’s rental fleet arrived in April and is the first model of its kind to be delivered into the Philippines, and the ninth Potain self-erecting crane in total in the country. The other Potain self-erecting cranes in the country have all been sold to customers and they include six HD 40 A units and two Igo 42 units. 

Back in 2007, two of the first Potain self-erecting cranes in the Philippines, both HD 40 A models, were employed by Makati Development Corporation on the construction of the North Science & Technology Park at the University of Philippines in Quezon City, Metro Manila. A string of projects for the cranes has followed and one of the most recent applications saw a Potain Igo 42 unit used by contractor First Balfour to build a data center for ePLDT in Makati City. 

All the Potain self-erecting cranes to arrive in the Philippines have similar specifications, including a maximum capacity of 4 t and a standard working height of 23 m. The HD40A and Igo 42 both offer similar jib lengths, the HD 40 A  a 35 m jib and the Igo 42 a 36 m jib. Maximum capacities at jib end are 1 t for the HD 40 A and 1.1 t for the Igo 42.  The Igo 50 has a longer jib – 40 m - and it too can lift 1.1 t at this distance. 

Designed to work quietly onsite, the Potain Igo 50 self-erecting crane is perfect for construction projects within, or close to, densely populated areas. The unit also has the ability to vary its working height by luffing the jib to 20∞, which allows it to achieve a maximum hook height of 33 m. Another feature of the Igo 50 that delivers better productivity is its variable frequency drives that provides smoother and more accurate movements of the crane’s mechanisms through progressive and controlled speed changes. 

“As infrastructure development gathers pace in the Philippines, and contractors seek greater efficiencies in their operations, we expect the Igo 50 and other Potain self-erecting cranes to gain wider approval. Yet at the same time, we also recognize that these cranes are still a relatively new product line for many construction companies. That’s why we’re offering a rental service to begin – so customers can understand the crane and its benefits without having to commit to a purchase,” added Naaman. 

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