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Italy’s Vernazza Autogru takes two more Groves, strengthening its fleet


One of Italy’s premier lifting companies is once again taking action to ensure it has one of the strongest crane fleets in the region. Genova’s Vernazza Autogru (Vernazza) has just added two new Grove all-terrain cranes, a GMK5250L and a GMK6400. The company has purchased the two cranes to increase its return on investment, choosing two models that are extremely flexible and have features that can increase efficiency.

Diego Vernazza, a legal representative of Vernazza, said the company was especially impressed with features of the cranes that could save it time and money, as well as provide versatility for a variety of applications. For the 400 t GMK6400, Vernazza was impressed with the crane’s MegaDrive hydrostatic drive and self-rigging MegaWingLift attachment. For the 250 t GMK5250L, the company was looking forward to saving on operating costs, thanks to its innovative VIAB turbo clutch, which offers several benefits, including wear-free starting and braking, and reduced fuel consumption.

“We already have several Grove cranes in our fleet, and over time we have seen that they provide a great return on investment, especially when we use them intensely,” Vernazza explained. “We are especially pleased with the great after sales service that Manitowoc provides, so buying additional Grove all-terrain cranes was a logical choice.”

Both cranes had customizations performed by Manitowoc’s Lift Solutions service. The GMK5250L, for example, has been equipped with a front camera for more efficient rigging. On the GMK6400, the fixed jib has been modified for use with an adapter for its heavy duty jib, allowing for more configurations. Both cranes have been equipped with a special lighting package to illuminate job sites.

Immediately upon delivery in December, both Groves completed work at several job sites in both Italy and abroad.

Vernazza Autogru Srl is a provider of cranes, elevating platforms, trucks, trailers and special equipment for lifting and transport. The company is headquartered in Genova, in the northwest of Italy, and has a fleet of more than 150 technical vehicles.
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