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News Release

Active Crane Hire uses Potain to support Sydney housing boom


  • Topless models MCT 68, MCT 85, MCT 88 and MCT 205 are all popular for
    residential developments
  • Strong focus on customer service supports growth of Active Crane Hire.                        

Rising house prices in Sydney, Australia have been hitting the headlines in recent years as Australia’s most populous city continues to attract a growing mix of new residents and global property investors. Off the back of this, a flurry of housing developments are underway and one of the leading equipment suppliers supporting this boom is Somersby-based Active Crane Hire, a long-time business partner of Manitowoc and currently the largest owner of Potain tower cranes in Australia.

Over the past three years, the company has added 72 Potain cranes, mostly MCT 88, MCT 68, and MCT 205 units from the advanced range of topless cranes. In addition to this, Active Crane Hire has also sold a number of MCT 85 cranes to other companies. From the self-erecting range, Active Crane Hire has added several Igo 36 and Igo 22 models and its ongoing investment in the latest technology has also seen it add the first two units into Australia from Potain’s advanced Hup range. The company received two Hup 32-27 self-erecting cranes earlier this year and further new arrivals are expected in the coming months.

Hermann Buchberger, managing director of Active Crane Hire, said the company was able to plan its investment in new Potain cranes around the surge in Sydney property activity.

“Three years ago, we saw there was going to be an increase in residential building projects, especially medium-density developments,” he said. “So we knew the size and number of cranes we would need and that there would be a particular focus on developments over five stories. Work levels remain high and at present we’re handling around 100 residential projects a year.”

Potain cranes for prestigious projects

Several of Active Crane Hire’s Potain MCT 205 units are currently deployed on two of its highest profile projects: the first is a luxury residential development in Eastwood with four towers of six stories each; while the second is a luxury house on the waterfront Point Piper, the most expensive suburb in Australia. There are three MCT 205 cranes on the Eastwood project while at the Point Piper home development a single unit is helping with construction, having spent almost a year supporting excavation works.

The MCT 205 boasts fast transportation and assembly on site, and once erected the crane offers a maximum radius of 65 m, a maximum capacity of 10 t, and up to 1.75 t capacity at its jib end. There are now 10 of the MCT 205 units in the Active Crane Hire fleet, making it the third-most popular model for the company.

In addition to this model, the company has also invested heavily in the smaller MCT 68 and MCT 88 units, which are the two most popular cranes at the company. These are currently engaged on a host of residential developments across the wider Sydney metropolitan area. “We like the compact MCT 68 and MCT 88 because we can fit them into tight spots,” explains Buchberger.

More efficiency, less downtime

One feature of the MCT 88 that is particularly well-liked by the Active Crane Hire team is its integrated remote control. This function allows the contractor to free up an operator and employ them elsewhere on the job site.  

“Sometimes the cranes might not be needed to work for long on a particular day,” notes Buchberger. “So the cranes’ ability to be remotely controlled eliminates operator idle time delivering cost savings to the job site.”

The MCT 88 has a maximum capacity of 5 t and a maximum jib radius of 52 m. It can lift up to 1.15 t. at its jib end. The MCT 68 can lift a maximum of 3 t and its maximum jib radius is 46 m. At this distance it can handle up to 1.1 t.

Complete package

While the advanced technology and design of Potain cranes has undoubtedly helped Active Crane Hire become one of Australia’s leading tower crane suppliers, the company’s superior after-sales service is what ensures customers keep coming back. In particular the firm prides itself on the complete range of quality support services it offers, including transportation, rigging, repairs, and maintenance — all delivered in a timely manner. With the backing of the globally-recognized Manitowoc Crane Care program, Active Crane Hire’s technicians are trained to the very highest levels.

“Our service technicians are continually updating their skills, either in-house or at a Potain facility,” said Buchberger. “With our service model, we have managed to ensure a reaction time of 60 minutes or less for any customer issue. It’s service at this standard that sets us apart in this industry.” 

Andrew Gray, sales manager for Manitowoc in Australia, agreed and said the reputation of Active Crane Hire in the Australian market is well-deserved.

“Hermann and the team at Active Crane Hire deserve a lot of credit for the business they’ve built,” he said. “The Potain investments the company has made are well-matched to the needs of projects here and with the expertise and customer service on offer, Active Crane Hire really does offer contractors and developers a complete package.” 

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