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Potain featured Igo self-erecting cranes, including a new model, at Batimat 2017


  • Manitowoc Cranes exhibited its Potain self-erecting tower crane technology at Batimat 2017.
  • Potain featured the Igo MA 21, a self-erecting crane that is new to the French market, as well as new transport options for it that offer small contractors a roadable and compact, yet powerful lifting solution.

Potain once again showcased the strength of its self-erecting crane range at Batimat 2017. From November 6 – 10, Potain occupied both indoor and outdoor booths at Batimat, displaying two Igo M cranes that are ideal for small contractors and other lifters that require compact, easily transportable lifting solutions.

Both of the cranes that Potain exhibited are from the Igo M range, which the company specifically designed to be used on smaller job sites or those with tight working quarters. This range of self-erecting cranes is extremely productive and easy to use. One of the two cranes was the Igo MA 21, a new model for the French market that also features new transport options.

The Igo MA 21 has a 1.8 t capacity and a max jib length of 26 m. It’s max capacity at jib end is 0.7 t and its height under hook can reach 19.3 m. Adding to its flexibility are two new transport options, including 25 km/h and 90 km/h. Its permanent ballasts and mobile chassis help easily transport the crane as a single package. Also, the crane’s easy-to-use remote control enables one-person maneuverability and lifting options. The Igo MA 21 is ideal for renovation, carpentry and masonry work, among a wide array of applications.

“Potain is well known for having one of the most versatile crane range lineups on the market, from the largest of tower cranes down to these easily transportable Igo self-erecting models,” said Jean-Pierre Zaffiro, Product Director Self-erecting cranes. “Batimat provides a great opportunity to present this range to those smaller contractors who need a tower crane solution that is easy to transport and easy to use.”

Also at Batimat 2017, Potain will display the popular and successful Igo M 14. It features the same 1.8 t capacity, but with a smaller, 22 m jib length and 0.6 t max capacity at jib end. Its height under hook can reach 19 m, and it’s deliverable with 25 km/h and 80 km/h transport options. Like other models in the Igo range, it can be controlled via remote, also with just one operator.

Also on display was a Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) Cab, a standard operating feature that is now rolled out across the Potain MD and MDT ranges, and also on other types of cranes from Manitowoc. CCS is one of the most user-friendly control systems on the market, as it is an intuitive, easy-to-use system that can boost efficiency on the job site, including offering faster commissioning and increased productivity.

“We had a very productive tradeshow and really connected with Batimat 2017 attendees,” said Stéphane Giraudo, Tower Cranes sales France Director. “We feel confident that for a number of lifters that visited the show, the Igo M range can provide  ideal lifting solutions that offer unparalleled transportability and productivity for the just the type of companies this great trade show is serving.”

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